I am so Punny (pun intended)

Stack Of Cash

My husband and I went to get our taxes done a few days ago. We have been going to the same accountant for the last 3 years. He is a friend and my husbands’ co-worker. A very trustworthy and easy going guy.

We were sitting at the desk getting our taxes done, and somehow the subject came up regarding non profit organizations. My husband asked our tax preparer, “So, how does a non profit organization make a profit if it is supposed to be a non profit?”

Our tax preparer said, ” That is a good question, I will have to look into that. I think they can make up to a certain amount as profit, but still be classified as a non profit.”

To that my husband replied, “But wouldn’t that make them a for profit organization, since they are making a profit? I mean, how can a non profit legitimately make money that doesn’t get used for charity or whatever they use it for?”

I chimed in, “I think they call that false profit.”

Ba dum dum.

We had a good laugh and it lightened the mood a bit. That wasn’t the only thing that was lightened that day, though. Our wallets are going to take a while to bounce back from this one.


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