My Experience with ‘Theresa Caputo: The Experience’


Let me start this off by saying that I am a highly sensitive person. I am not a psychic, nor do I claim to be one. I am, however, very attuned to the spiritual world. I am very aware of signs and guidance that I receive from Spirit. I have always connected with nature, ever since I can remember. I am about love and peace, not hate and war.

I went to see Theresa Caputo, aka The Long Island Medium, on June 5, 2013. I was pretty excited to see her. I would call myself a fan, but I am not obsessed.

My husband and I went with one of my friends. I drove, which was nerve wracking in itself, because driving to Downtown Phoenix and in Downtown Phoenix would make even the calmest person a little nuts. Plus, Theresa Caputo was in town. So, I am sure you can imagine the traffic. Parking wasnt too bad though, I have to say.

Ok, on to the good stuff.

We got into the venue, Comerica Theatre. I had never been there before, so I was instantly lost as soon as we walked in. My friend had seats in a different section, so we said our goodbyes and parted ways. My husband and I found our seats and proceeded to wait for the show to begin. While we were waiting, we saw Big Larry ( Theresas’ husband ) walk down the aisle next to us. People started yelling ” It’s Larry!”  and calling out his name. I looked up and saw him stopping and waving to people as he made his way down to the stage, where he disappeared through one of the side doors. The show was to start at 7:30 pm, but Theresa was fashionably late and came out just after 8:00 pm.

Theresa starts the show with the National Anthem. She asked everyone to stand while the song played. I thought it was a bit odd, like going to a baseball game. Then, I thought to myself, ” This is kinda like baseball for some people, lol”. The anthem was over and we were seated. Theresa starts talking about how she came to know that she was a medium and the ways that she connects with Spirit. She is pretty funny too. She has that great Lawn Guyland accent that makes me smirk every time I hear it. My mother had a heavy New York accent, and when I hear Theresa speak, it reminds me of home.

She starts connecting with Spirit after about 20 minutes of explaining what she does. The spirit of a son of a couple in the very front row caught her attention first. They were so blown away by her reading. I was up in Row 29 with my husband, listening intently. This couple was one of the few people who I could hear, as most of the ones who received messages forgot how to speak into the mic.

After the fourth or fifth reading, I was noticeably shaking. I am not sure if it was nerves or because I was hungry. ( I get bouts of low blood sugar and I feel  dizzy, sweaty and shaky) I was quite sweaty as well. I just chalked it up to being in very close proximity to close to 5,500 people. Eek.  I was also feeling a bit warm. The back of my neck was burning up too.

Theresa had just finished up with a reading and I heard her ask, ” Does anyone connect with a female Mother figure who was departed by the throat, a hanging? A male figure is coming through as well, a suicide.”

My mother passed from suicide in August of 2008. She hung herself.

I was frozen to my seat, which was now probably soaked with sweat. I raised my hand and waved it around. I saw Theresa looking in the other direction towards another group of ladies that had stood up to acknowledge their relation to the departed male spirit. She started giving them a reading, and I started zoning out. The energy and heat that I was feeling started to overwhelm me. I was hearing and seeing the reading, but it was almost like I was looking through a veil. I could see and hear everything, but I felt like I was being pulled somewhere else. It felt almost dream-like. That is really the only way I can describe it to someone who has never felt this before.

A lot of what Theresa was telling the other ladies about their male relative also resonated with me about my mother. I really feel like I received the validation that I needed and wanted. I definitely received messages from my mother through that reading.

I know I was feeling my mothers’ energy there in that theatre. I know this because I asked my mother before the show if she would please come through and present herself to Theresa. I heard her reply to me, ” I will come through for you. I love you and I have always been around you.”